Dracaena reflexa

Large green feathers


Dracaena reflexa
Latin name:
Dracaena reflexa.
Asia and East Africa.

Dracaena reflexa, or Pleomele reflexa, is an elegant plant that can reach 20 m in height in nature. It is an evergreen shrub forming a shoot, with thin lanceolate leaves 25-30 cm long and about 3 cm wide. Especially popular is its variety 'Indian Song' - with yellow stripes on the edges of the leaves. 'Jamaican song' - a plant of bright green color; on the reverse side of the leaves there are light green stripes. In addition, the 'Narrow-leaved' form is grown with long and thin green leaves.


Bent dracaena is grown as an ornamental plant in rooms where the air is not too dry and there is enough heat.

In mild climates, it is planted outdoors.

In cold climates, it can be exposed to the air in the warm season, but in September the plant must be taken into the house. When growing in a pot, use a mixture of peat (3/4) and sand (1/4) or from fertile land, sand and peat taken in equal parts. During the growing season, dracaena is fed with long-acting fertilizers containing trace elements.


It is enough to clean the leaves with a damp cloth. Remove individual dry and damaged leaves and twigs.


Keep the soil moist at all times, never over-dry. It is advisable to keep the air humidity at least 50%.


In spring or summer, once every 2-3 years, in a larger pot compared to the previous one, fill it with the same soil.


Apical cuttings and parts of stems take root at a temperature not lower than 25 °C and high humidity. At the same temperature, seeds are sown, lightly sprinkling them with earth on top.


Illuminated in winter and semi-shaded in summer.


In winter, the temperature should not be lower than 16-18 °C; in summer, the temperature should not fall below 23 °C.

Diseases and pests

Of the pests, dracaena is affected by worms and aphids. They are disposed of with a cloth or cotton swab soaked in alcohol, after which they are treated with chemical preparations. Some varieties are very sensitive to the use of lustrous solutions that give gloss to the leaves.


Dracaena is bent and its varieties are not easy to find. They can be found in horticultural centers that offer an expanded range of crops; choose well-formed ones.

Care summary

Requirements and characteristics of the Dracaena reflexa plant that you need to remember.

Cultivation medium difficulty
Watering abundant in summer, limited in winter
Transplanting in spring 1 time in 2-3 years
Appearance maintenance remove damaged leaves
Location semi – shaded in summer, well-lit in winter
Temperature not lower than 23 °C in summer
Flowering time undecorated
Height in culture up to 3 m

Photos of varieties and species


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