About us

Global Flowers is the first global flower aggregator that saves you time and money.
In just one click, you can sell or buy natural and artificial flowers, bouquets, indoor plants, seedlings and seeds, plants for the interior and aquarium, as well as all related inventory wholesale and retail.

We work in 193 countries around the world

Thousands of stores from different countries. Favorable prices. Round the clock.

All countries and cities of presence.

It is convenient to be with us

Our site has thousands of offers from thousands of stores, flower growers and nurseries from all over the world. No need to spend time searching for a suitable option on the Internet. Here you can choose any flowers for any occasion.

It's useful to be with us

We have compiled an encyclopedia of flower care for you, And also we created a forum for sharing experiences.

It is profitable to be with us

For sellers, we are an additional online sales channel that can become the main one. We have no imposed conditions. You decide what products to sell and at what prices. For customers, we are an opportunity to choose and buy a product at a more affordable price. Compare prices, cities, and sellers in one place.

We help flower sellers and customers find each other. Start working with Global Flowers right now!