Sell on Global Flowers easily and profitably

Global Flowers – a new online sales channel for sellers and flower growers. You upload the products and we provide the web storefront, marketing and customer service.

Benefits of working with us:

  • You decide what to sell and at what prices - we do not limit you in your pricing and product policy.
  • You store the goods at your place - the cooperation model - DBS (the partner processes and delivers orders on its own).
  • No interest on the sale
  • No dumping and restrictions in the flow of profit
  • At the same time you save time, money, nerves

What is needed for cooperation:

  • Customer service - you should be able to contact customers and coordinate delivery details with them.
  • Self-assembly and delivery of orders - you must collect and deliver orders to customers yourself or with the help of transport companies.

To start cooperation, just log in to personal area, fill out the seller card and add your products.


3 $ / month
  • up to 50 products
  • guaranteed
    1 lead*
15 $ / month
  • up to 300 products
  • guaranteed
    3 leads*
35 $ / month
  • up to 1000 products
  • guaranteed
    5 leads*
120 $ / month
  • up to 5000 products
  • guaranteed
    10 leads*
* - a lead is a request for an e-mail or SMS, a phone number view, or a link to the seller's online resource. If you do not receive leads in the paid month, then the current tariff is extended for the next month, and so on until you receive a guaranteed number of leads (the condition does not apply when changing the tariff)